Renal Vascular

Viatrac™ 14 Plus Peripheral Dilatation Catheters


The VIATRAC 14 PLUS Peripheral Dilatation Catheter is intended:

  • To dilate stenosis in the peripheral arteries (iliac, femoral, ilio-femoral, popliteal, infra popliteal, renal arteries).
  • For the treatment of obstructive lesions of native or synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.
  • Rapid exchange delivery system for single operator use and fast balloon exchanges
  • Balloon lengths of 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm
  • Catheter lengths of 80 cm and 135 cm
  • 6F guide compatible across all balloon sizes and with shorter 130 cm guide wires