Aortic stent grafts

Zenith® Branch Endovascular Graft- Iliac Bifurcation

Cook Medical

The Zenith Branch Endovascular Graft-Iliac Bifurcation with the H&L-B One-Shot™ Introduction System is indicated for the endovascular treatment of patients with an aortoiliac or iliac aneurysm, an insufficient distal sealing site within the common iliac artery, and having morphology suitable for endovascular repair, including:

Adequate iliac/femoral access compatible with a 20 French (7.7 mm O.D.) introduction system.
Non-aneurysmal external iliac artery fixation segment distal to the aneurysm; with a length of at least 20 mm and with a diameter measured outer wall to outer wall of no greater than 11 mm and no less than 8 mm.
Non-aneurysmal internal iliac artery segment distal to the aneurysm: with a length of at least 10 mm (with 20-30 mm being preferred) and with a diameter acceptable for proper sealing.